Perhaps the best home recording unit Please click here for international Shipping Costs and Delivery Times. Documents Zoom R24 Recorder: Over studio-quality DSP effects are provided, including insert effects such as equalization and dynamics processing as well as send-return effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, flanging, and phasing. Add to that it’s a portable recorder and already I can’t see how I lived without it before! Compare similar items Current product.

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Show More Show Less. I love the fact it uses an SD card instead of a spinning hard drive like my old Fostex.

Zoom R24 Digital Recorder

The included drum libraries from Big Fish and Peter Erskine are very nice as well. This also affects the price – to our customers’ benefit, of course. This music production solution, g24 you control over the DAW functions, enabling you to mix, record, stop and access five functional keys at once. Our expert departments and workshops allow us to offer you professional advice and rapid maintenance and repair services.

The sound quality is great! Zoom R24 Digital Recorder. Recommended Waves Tune Real-Time Waves Tune Real-Time ESDpitch correction plugin; automatically tunes vocals in real time; ultra-low latency for instant response; optimized for both studio and live settings; advanced formant correction to retain natural vocal sound; corrects vibrato while preserving its natural movement; creative In order for our representative to be able to hear you, you must have a microphone that your browser can access.


It is my understanding that most recordings are done dry, but I usually record with the effect on the track, mainly because that is what I’m used to doing.

How does that work? Always with customised added value for musicians. Read full review Verified purchase: Do you believe this rating to be inaccurate or unacceptable for some reason? Like most budget end multi-track recorders Zoom has its drawbacks but depending on the equipment used to input the sound and the DAW program you use to mix, some excellent results can be achieved.

R4 results are easy, the feature set and the quality is impressive. Available immediately This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately.

Quantization and time-stretching can be applied to ensure perfect synchronization.

Zoom R24 Digital Recorder | eBay

I like to be ready to record on the fly and the convenience and quality of this unit is pretty amazing! In addition, you can create your own custom samples and loops from recorded audio tracks. Video of Zoom R Series: Sampler – System Software History v1.

It records excellently from both the inboard microphones and whatever one likes to input – line or external mics. The drum machine step sequencer is pretty basic but does allow some nice quantizing bu t its far from being ideal. When operating at a sampling frequency of Knocking out demos of song ideas using the built in condenser mics is quick and simple and the built-in mics are great.


Try and do that with your built-in soundcard!

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Read all reviews Rate product. In addition, there are guitar amp, bass amp, and mic preamp models, as well as effects specially designed for use on vocals and stereo instruments zopm as electronic keyboards, plus mastering algorithms such as multi-band compression.

I got mine from proaudiostar on ebay and they were a pleasure to deal with.

Controllers These days, musicians are experiencing the increasing complexity of their instruments and devices at first hand – regain some of the control you’ve lost! About this product Product Information Record live performances with the Zoom R24 recorder, capable of recording 8-tracks at once and of capturing each and every sound of the instruments of the band.

It allows you zoim work in various ways and delivers terrific results.

The Zoom R24 recorder features a built-in tuner, which helps in quick tuning instruments. People who bought this also bought. You can connect external microphones or line-level sources directly to the R24 or use the built-in stereo mic pair for minimal setup.